Liked en YouTube: Arrival Patagonia + My Quarterly Income 2019

Arrival Patagonia + My Quarterly Income 2019
& we’re back in the Land of Fire, the End of the World, the Patagonian Wild. This is Arrival Patagonia + the 1st segment of My Quarterly Income 2019.

If you are new to the Channel WELCOME!!! It’s amazing to see this community grow and if you like Photography, Adventure Travel, Video Production and Business, you’re in the right place. For lots more info on me and my crazy life visit this link

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Shout out to Tom and BvS for bringing me on board once again. The next month is going to be good 🙂 Vamos!!!

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Liked en YouTube: Focal Length for Storytelling – How Lens Choice Affects Your Images

Focal Length for Storytelling – How Lens Choice Affects Your Images
Your choice of Focal Length will have a dramatic affect on how your story is told. This video covers some general uses for various focal lengths in order to help you to better tell your story!

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The focal length of your lens will determine how wide or narrow the field of view is of your pictures. You can’t use just one focal length for every shot in your film. This video helps you understand how focal length works as well as explaining the various focal length differences. If you only use a telephoto lens, you won’t be able to get those wide open shots that bring your viewer into the story. But if all you have is a wide angle lens, then peoples’ faces and objects will begin to look distorted when you get in close. This focal length tutorial shows focal length comparisons to help you understand what the best focal length for video is under various circumstances. We hope this video helps give you a baseline on how to choose lens focal lengths for storytelling so that you can better communicate YOUR story with your audience.

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