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Liked en YouTube: Variable ND Filters Compared // Is PolarPro’s PMVND the Best?

Variable ND Filters Compared // Is PolarPro’s PMVND the Best?
Testing & comparing variable neutral density filters from Tiffen, Hoya, B+W, K&F, ZOMEi, Gobe, & Singh-Ray against the PolarPro Peter McKinnon Variable ND.
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🛒 PolarPro Variable ND Filter:

Table of Contents:
1:05 – The Limitations of Variable NDs
1:23 – How Circular Polarizers Affect an Image
2:38 – How Solid/Fixed Neutral Density Filters Differ

3:21 – The Blue Sky Test on Variable ND Filters
3:25 – Hoya Variable ND Filter
4:10 – Tiffen Variable ND Filter
5:02 – PolarPro 2-5 Stop Variable ND (PMVND)
5:44 – B+W XS-Pro Digital Vario ND MRC
6:10 – PolarPro 6-9 Stop Variable ND
6:35 – How Your Angle from the Sun Affects the Filter
7:01 – PolarPro 2-5 at a Bad Angle
7:12 – K&F Concept Professional ND Fader at a Bad Angle

7:39 – Vignetting & How to Reduce It
8:41 – Color Cast & ND Range Test
8:43 – No Filter
8:54 – Why I Recommend the 82mm for all Filters & Step Up Rings
9:19 – Tiffen Color & Range Test
9:34 – The Problem with Most Variable ND Gauges & Markings
10:11 – Hoya Markings, Color, & Range
10:58 – Some Thoughts on Discount Filters (Gobe, ZOMEi, etc.)
12:00 – Singh-Ray Vari-ND Color & Range
12:13 – Color Casts Are Unavoidable Regardless of Price
12:33 – B+W Color & Range
12:52 – PolarPro 2-5 Color & Range and Improved Gauge
13:25 – Some Thoughts on the K&F Variable ND

14:06 – Sharpness Tests & Ranking
14:41 – Flare & Ghosting Tests
14:55 – Differences Between PolarPro 2-5 & 6-9 Stop Versions
16:00 – How White Balancing Affects the Filter Color Cast
16:34 – Filter Corner Darkening Comparison

16:48 – Value Section
16:52 – Which Two Variable ND Filters Are Best?
17:10 – Which Discount Filter Would I Buy?
17:45 – Usability & Accessories
18:58 – Best Value Variable ND Filter Overall
19:39 – What about Solid or Fixed Neutral Density Filters?
20:21 – Conclusion: Which Filter I’d Buy

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San Fabián. Cuando me creía médico supervisor. xD .
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Jugando con el 70-200 2.8⁣
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Liked en YouTube: Arrival Patagonia + My Quarterly Income 2019

Arrival Patagonia + My Quarterly Income 2019
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